Interior trends

Eco Style

Natural, organic materials such as wood floors, stone, copper, concrete, clay and granite will bring an earthy and serene ambiance to any space. Decor trends for 2020 will feature elements that are made from eco-friendly sustainable materials.


Embrace Your Curves

Soften interiors with curvy shapes and organic, rounded edges. Hard lines and sharp edges of post-modern minimalist design are being shadowed by sweeping contours and natural waves.


Wall to Wall

Wallpapers in florals, botanicals and palms will continue to be everywhere you look. Albeit a little less wild, green leaves and other exotic plant prints with a vintage vibe are making a comeback.


A TOUCH OF green

Greenery in your living space is beneficial to both your physical and mental health and trends say the bigger the better. Concentrate new fan favourite plant varieties cacti, succulents, ferns, banana and olive trees in one space.




Inspired By Nature

Nature inspired tones will¬† be hugely popular this season. Shades of green, mint in particular, will be the colour to watch in 2020. It’s all about creating calm and relaxed vibes with shades of ocean blue, coral and terracotta also at the forefront.

Peninsula Essence Home & Garden Feature – September 2019