Interior trends 2021

Sustainable design

2021 interior design trends will see increased demand for sustainable design pieces.
A focus on technological innovation, coupled with a desire for greater sustainability will take this area of design to new heights.

Supporting local

Consumers are displaying a greater tendency to source products locally. A renewed interest is emerging for handmade custom pieces, such as statement dining tables and artwork.

Curves & arches

Long shunned as an outdated design trend, introducing curves and arches to create softness in spaces otherwise filled with hard lines, has made a comeback. Circular windows and arches and curved walls are a trend to watch.

Terrazzo returns

A mixture of marble chips, quartz, granite and even glass set into concrete, Terrazzo has made a return and not only features on floors and walls, but also accessories.

Tones of blue

Tones of blue will be a popular choice.

Naval is the new black, creating a sophisticated and contemporary space. Timeless in nature and elegant in its simplicity, it is a bold change after many years of pastels and neutral hues.

Peninsula Essence, Your Garden & Home feature – October 2020