Healing the soul

By Melissa Walsh   Photos: Yanni

Emma Skeggs works as a psychic medium and clairvoyant, fulfilling her soul purpose to help others, but this wasn’t always the case. The bubbly blonde mother of two ditched lucrative careers to pursue a passion that haunted her entire life, and has never looked back.

“The first time I realised I could see spirit was at the age of three. I had gone to visit friends with mum and dad and was off in the play room. When my dad came in I told him I was talking to a man on the couch whose name was Jobe. I told dad he just wanted to say hello and that he was very happy we were all there. It turns out he was the deceased husband of the owner of the house,” said Emma, whose father had similar abilities. “I am from a family of mediums, although the first to be formally trained. My dad used to take me to spiritualist church as a youngster, where unbeknown to me, he was teaching me to connect to spirit. I only went for the bickies and orange cordial and to amuse my dad. My mum, on the other hand, well let’s just say hearing me speak to passed over loved ones would send her screaming from the room.  She even had me blessed as a child as she thought I was going to die.”

While Emma experienced seeing spirits and her own guides from a young age, she was never scared of her gift, and thought that everybody saw the same thing.

“I would see people in their cars that weren’t there and didn’t realise that others couldn’t see it. It’s a weird sensation, as if you see it in your mind,” she explained. “Looking back I can identify things that happened which were all related. I remember being thrown out of class the first day of prep because I was playing ‘knock knock’ with one of my guides, Jason. When it was time for school reports, mine always said ‘off with the fairies’, and I recall at seven, riding my bike down a very steep hill too fast to stop before I got to a busy road. I felt this presence behind me say ‘just breathe and go with the flow’. The bike hit the gutter and I breathed and just tumbled.”

Emma says we all have guides to help us along our journey. “You are born with one, and then get them intermittently during your life so that you eventually end up with about six or seven guides,” she said. “My main guide is named Archi and I didn’t find him until I started to focus on development and figure out what I needed to do with my abilities.”

Many mediums that experience their gift from a young age tend to suppress it when they reach puberty.

“I was about 12 when I suppressed everything because, as an empath, I could hear what people were saying or thinking and knew if they were not telling me the truth. With hormones coming through and this feeling I had to live in the real world, I started to focus on more external things, and became less introverted,” said Emma, whose gifts would come and go over the years, usually during crises.

“Normally, through a crisis, I would retreat and reconnect to who I was and my higher self and my guides would pop up again. I had Jason who has always been my age, and another guide is a security guard that keeps me safe and protected.”

These days, Emma is so passionate about helping people that she does it for a living.

“My journey always led me to this point. I had ticked all the boxes of society with career, education, a husband, two kids, big job and big money but each time I got what I wanted I became more miserable because I wasn’t on my path and purpose,” she said. “My passion is to help people find themselves, and help them make choices to bring bliss, joy and happiness. If you are not on your path or purpose, your guides will strip everything away from you, but I can help people define what makes them happy. Your life is a reflection of your soul. You experience your soul through your thoughts and emotions. The same way your thoughts can affect your emotions, they affect your physical body. How you see yourself, how you carry your stress and how you perform in our physical, third dimensional world are all directly related to how balanced your soul is feeling in your body. While your body is a reflection of your physical health, it is also a reflection of your mental and emotional state. If you want to heal one, you also have to heal all connected components; mind, body and soul.”

Often described as a helping hand that comes out of the darkness, Emma knew that she wanted to make a difference.

“I studied life coaching and counselling, but didn’t know where I fitted in to helping people. Eventually I decided to do a massage course and started massaging from home while still working full time. But every time I massaged I got aches and pains from the other person and eventually I could sense things they were feeling. I was intuitively getting stuff out of them so I looked on line and a friend had some tarot cards. She suggested that I should learn about energy and so I started meditating which gave me more peace and heightened my intuition.”

Before she knew it, the teacher appeared. Emma was in spiritual development courses and swapping massage for tarot classes.

“After all of those years I came back to what I knew as a kid,” she says with a smile. “I have no idea what is in store for me and releasing that allows me to live in the moment. I have learnt to go with the path of least resistance.”

As for seeing dead people everywhere, Emma says she has learnt to control what she sees.

“Part of developing that side of me and learning about it is getting control over it. I am a human being and need to have a relatively normal life, so I don’t see people in cars anymore unless I want to.”

Emma Skeggs  Soul Healing offers a variety of services including psychic medium, tarot and lenormand readings, Akashic record readings, past life regression therapy, spiritual development classes, reiki and spiritual healing, psychic parties, and a meditation app.

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