Timeline to happiness

By Andrea Louise Thomas  Photos Yanni

Imagine if you could travel back in time and eliminate all of the negative emotions attached to traumatic life events and thereby heal yourself from hurt. Well you can according to Stacey Hollowood at Wyld Chyld Healing in Mornington. She uses a technique called timeline therapy.

Timeline therapy was developed in United States in the 1980s by the late, Dr. Everett ‘Tad’ James (PhD in hypnotherapy), a pioneer and practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

The objective of timeline therapy is to clear feelings that can undermine happiness and success. The technique works with the unconscious mind to release negative emotions attached to life events. It focuses on clearing anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, hurt, guilt and low self-esteem.

Stacey said she discovered this therapy when she heard about the Warrior Program in the UK, which helps returned soldiers coming back from conflicts in the Middle East to cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. One of the methods this program uses is timeline therapy to alleviate war trauma.

“The unconscious mind determines 90-95% of your behaviour. The thought creates the feeling and the feeling creates the behaviour. Timeline therapy goes to the root cause of an emotion before, during, and after birth. Generally, between birth and seven years old we take on the root causes of emotions,” she explains.

“In timeline therapy we are rewiring the unconscious mind. It remembers everything and can be accessed at any time. I open up the unconscious mind by asking questions quickly before the conscious mind has time to kick in. I want to access the root cause of the person’s negative emotions,” she says.

Once the causes are found, Stacey asks the client’s unconscious mind what it needs to let go of the negative emotion so they can get on with their lives and not be dictated to by the past. Stacey claims she can release an emotion from a person’s past in ten minutes using this technique.

“I help a lot of people dealing with childhood trauma. I help a lot of women to move out of a victim mentality so they no longer manifest negative events in their lives.

Part of the process is helping people to understand why they are triggered in the first place. I teach people how to heal themselves. I am just guiding them,” she says.

When the root causes of negative emotions are found and resolved, the client can stop repeating old behavioural patterns that are not serving them. Stacey believes the effects of this therapy are permanent.

Stacey feels that people will always have negative emotions because it’s part of human nature, but with this technique those emotions won’t be attached to the past anymore. They will experience emotions in real time and process them immediately so they don’t suppress their emotion. Stacey believes suppressed emotions can be the source of many long-term health problems.

Like many people Stacey was struggling with her mental health during lockdowns.

She did timeline therapy and it changed her life. She repaired a close family relationship and tackled body image and self-worth issues. It was transformative.

Stacey began her professional life as a massage therapist. She found this work fulfilling, but wanted to add another level of healing. She trained to become a reiki practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. It can also be seen as a spiritual practice as it works with energy outside of the body as well.

Addressing the needs of the body and spirit without dealing with the mind was limiting so Stacey completed a timeline therapy training course to add to her repertoire of healing modalities. Now she can address body, mind and spirit for total wellbeing.

In order to truly heal, the client has to participate in the process and want to change. Before starting timeline therapy, Stacey offers a free consultation to make sure the client is ready, willing and able to move forward. Her program is a six-week program with a one-and-a-half-hour consultation each week and homework for the client.

All of her clients have benefitted from this therapy. She knows this because they give her great feedback about how the therapy has transformed their lives. If you want to live a life liberated from negative emotions and limiting beliefs, Stacey thinks timeline therapy is the way to go.


Peninsula Essence – August 2021