The Ultimate Private Sea Experience Awaits

The Private Sea have always had a vision; a vision to bring an all-encompassing approach to health and wellness. What started out as a small family-owned floatation centre has now become something where they can help, heal, and motivate people to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Introducing the new Retreat packages, available from two to four person packages, the ultimate Private Sea experience, The Wellness Retreat, gives you time away in a place of comfort, healing, nourishment, and growth. Enjoy 4.5 hours of incredible services that will have your mind and body sinking deeper into relaxation. Upon arrival, a welcome package awaits you and your group. From there, the team at The Private Sea will guide you through a day of the best relaxation and healing services on offer. This package includes embarking on a relaxing floatation tank session, journey through the light of the Pandora Star, cleanse your mind and body in the salt therapy room and detox and revitalise your skin in the infrared sauna. Further, you will have access to a private lounge to relax and enjoy a mid-service break with refreshments and a grazing platter, and a take-home bag to keep the benefits ongoing after your visit.

Floatation therapy is a luxurious escape from the constant stress of life’s daily pressures and a natural way to heal the body and mind. The concept is similar to the mineral salt baths at the Dead Sea in Israel. Three Hundred and Fifty kilograms of Epsom salt is dissolved into a spa bath of skin temperature water to create this effect. Both light proof and soundproof, this peaceful space frees you of gravity, noise, and other distractions.

Salt therapy is a method of dispersing a fine saline aerosol in high concentrations into the Salt Room, there, the fine dry (pharmaceutical grade) salt will lather the skin in a fine layer and with ease passively enter deep into your airways.

This allows the respiratory system to fully open and clear the build-up of congestion and blockages. Salt has incredible amounts of benefits, being anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and also mucolytic (loosens mucus and phlegm).

Experience the state-of-the-art Sunlighten full-spectrum infrared sauna. Benefits include detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, skin purification, improved circulation and relaxation.

The Pandora Star is one of the best tools for you to use to completely unplug from the busy world. Emitting light from the pandora star at specific sequences can alter the mind’s current state and help guide you through new states of immense calm and relaxation. Journey through a limitless array of light and colour as your mind begins to lower into the deeper states of consciousness.

As the peninsula prides itself on being a community-minded region with a focus on health, fitness and wellbeing, The Private Sea incorporates that culture with their open spaces; where you can come any time to quiet the mind, body, and soul.

The Private Sea Wellness Centre

A: 3 Satu Way, Mornington

P: 5975 4030


Peninsula Essence, Mornington Industrial Feature – August 2021