You can’t keep a good woman down

Amy Fox is one tough cookie, a young woman who decided not to let a health issue define her. Instead of lying down and giving in when she had to endure numerous surgeries, the young woman made the plan to use her illness to help others, and so the Low Tox Fox was born. Peninsula Essence talks to Amy about her health crisis and the courage it took not to give in.

“I was inspired to start The Low Tox Fox after suffering for years with endometriosis and having four major surgeries in twelve months,” said Amy, from her shop in Somerville. “I finally said ‘enough’ to the doctors who told me they don’t know what causes endometriosis and other hormone related illnesses, and decided things needed to change so after many months spent devouring research and doing every course available I started my low tox journey.”

It was in 2016 when the young woman in her twenties had her first surgery for endometriosis which had become so bad medication and holistic therapies no longer worked.

“I was having acupuncture which did help but was only a short term solution so I decided to go ahead with the surgery,” said Amy who began blogging and researching alternative solutions when she realised she needed to take matters into her own hands. 

“It was nearly 12 months to the day between when I had my first surgery and when I had my fourth and final surgery so I was super happy to see the end of that,” she said, knowing there was still a long road ahead. “I was super excited to go back to my day job as a corporate accountant but soon found that was not to last long term, yet I feel like all of these issues were forcing me towards this path.

“It was feeling like ground hog day every day so I decided to change things  and do something I’m really passionate about which was my blog and soon the shop,” said Amy. “I quit another accounting job on June 30 and opened the shop the following August.”

For Amy, the idea to be able to help others on their low tox journey was her absolute goal.

“I took it upon myself to find solutions and possible reasons for the health problems I was having and soon discovered it was all about hormone disrupting chemicals. My blog about DIY solutions soon turned into an online store and, before I knew it, I realised there was the need for an actual shop where people could come and buy the products.”

The Low Tox Fox is the exact store Amy would have liked to have gone to but could never find so this tough and charismatic woman decided to create her own.

“I stocked the store with natural and organic skincare, makeup and cleaning products as well as organic cotton sheets, towels and clothes and kept adding more amazing low tox products along the way,” she said. “We have everything here you could want but nothing has hormone disrupting chemicals. I didn’t want to miss out on the things I love so sourced the fake tans, makeup, perfumes and all the household and practical items I could find.”

For Amy, it was important that her shop had a relaxed element too so she now has two float tanks, infrared sauna and remedial massage.

“It’s funny as my accounting background and desire to help others all came together to bring the store to fruition. I spent two months renovating the shop, sourcing the products and creating a business where we didn’t have to miss out on anything just because we were no longer using toxic chemicals. Now I have the shop that I would want to shop in, and I know I am helping other people along the way,” said Amy. “This is the place to detox your mind, your body and your life, and I could not be more proud.”

Amy is also extremely passionate about supporting Australian businesses that are doing the right thing by us and the planet.

“I only support businesses that are using only natural and organic ingredients and really considering their packaging and impacts on the environment, as well as providing us with amazing natural alternatives which perform just as well, and often better, than the toxin filled mainstream products,” she said. “After years of trialling, I’m successfully living a low tox lifestyle, and cannot believe I get the opportunity to help others do the same.”

5 Eramosa Rd E, Somerville VIC 3912
Phone 5977 5608

First published in Peninsula Essence – May 2019