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Being a medium, healer or spiritual counsellor wasn’t at all the career path that Fleur Healey thought she would take. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing, she was working in advertising and marketing. She taught copywriting and buyer behaviour at Monash University and RMIT while getting a Master’s Degree in Communication Systems/Psychology.

When Fleur’s second son was born, everything changed; she started to develop her spiritual ability. She became passionate about helping people understand themselves, find where they were stuck on their life journey and find what was limiting their potential for growth, love and happiness.

After many years of intensive training, Fleur became accredited as a medium, healer and trainer in Ancient Egyptian Hahnemann Healing. She completed a Diploma of Spiritual Counselling at Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning in Mornington under the tutelage of renowned mediums and spiritual teachers, Pearl and Ian Rogers.

Fleur is a medium, not a psychic. “A psychic uses tools such as cards or crystal balls’, works with auras (spiritual energy/life force) and their own energy to tell a person about his/her emotional state. Many psychics also make predictions about the future.

A medium works at a deeper level using his/her spirit guide to receive information about the client to help them in all areas of their life. A professionally trained medium can accurately tell a person about his/her karma, past lives and also their purpose in this life. A medium can also communicate with those who have died,” she says.

“A spirit guide is an entity who has passed on but who achieved in their last incarnation what you need to achieve now. They provide specific help to do that. They work for you, organising events and putting things in place for you to learn and grow. Everybody has a guide – many have more than one,” she explains.

Fleur addresses her client’s issues, past and present. She can access previous lifetimes. “The memories and learning of past lifetimes are programmed into the spirit of you.

Mediums can access that – if it’s relevant. If you have karma from a previous life, greater understanding of it can help you meet it and act on it to break a negative pattern,” she says. 

People do have a choice to change. Fleur says, “There’s karma and the opportunity to grow in every lifetime. If one addresses their karma, he/she has the opportunity to grow and become more loving.” 

As for those who have passed on, Fleur explains that they are continuing their learning and journey in the spiritual (energetic) world. When the body dies, the spirit lives on possibly working as a spirit guide, helping a spirit stuck after a traumatic accident and needing help to transition into the spirit world or helping people with mental and emotional problems on Earth.

Fleur’s spiritual knowledge informs her that each person has a purpose and life plan that they can follow by being spiritually ‘in tune’ or by getting that information from a qualified medium. She says, “Even if you don’t believe in any of this, you can still accomplish your life’s goal because it’s programmed into the spirit of you. You’re receiving spiritual guidance – even in your sleep state. Your guide is working for you 24/7.”

Fleur is also a healer and trainer of Hahnemann healing. “It’s the only kind of healing in the world today that can release specific suppressed emotions such as grief, anger or self-worth issues, even those repressed deep in the subconscious,” she says.

“Unresolved negative emotions don’t just disappear over time. If we heal our emotional hurts, we can move forward into bigger things and stop being triggered by the past. We can stay in our emotional baggage or decide to heal and grow. To become happier and meet the purpose we came here to meet, we have to heal,” she adds.

In Spiritual Counselling, Fleur “takes her clients beyond the immediacy of their mind to understand life spiritually through their values. This work traces negative patterns to their origin, identifying the real cause, where it began and offering the choice to break free of it. Spiritual Counselling offers an alternate belief system to deal with life’s issues by intervening in a person’s thought process, giving an understanding of their actions and reactions.”

For insight and clarity, guidance about new ways to manage healing emotional hurts or moving forward into your own paradigm shift, Fleur Healey might just be your go-to guide. (Fleur) (Pearl and Ian Rogers)

Peninsula Essence – September 2022