Heal Country! A celebration of Naidoc Week

Art from Arnhem Land, the Kimberley, the APY Lands, the Pilbara and the Central Desert features in special exhibitions to mark NAIDOC week from July 4-11 at Everywhen Artspace and Peninsula Hot Springs.

“Originating in the 1930s and established as an annual event in 1975, NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples,” says Everywhen’s co director, Susan McCulloch. ” Based on a different theme each year, NAIDOC Week has become a very significant event and one that all Australian’s are asked to participate in.”

This year’s theme Heal Country! invites all to actively protect and maintain  Indigenous people’s lands, culture and heritage.

” Art offers a great way in for people to explore the deep relationships that Indigenous peoples have with their lands and culture,’ says Susan. “As we represent more than 40 Aboriginal art producing communities around Australia, we can select works of different media and styles to demonstrate the range, quality and diversity of contemporary Aboriginal art.”

Artists include leading bark and ceremonial pole painters from the Northeast Arnhem Land region of Yirrkala, traditional healers and artists from the APY Lands, new generation women artists of the Central Desert’s Utopia region whose vibrant paintings detail the plants and bush medicine stories of the region, ochre painters from the Kimberley and senior and emerging artists from the Western Desert of the NT.

Art such as that by (from top) Atipalku Intjalki, Gordon Barney, Muluymuluy Wirrpanda, Maringka Burton (to right), Moyurrurra Wunungmurra, Natalea Pula Holmes and Janet Golder illustrate the importance of protecting and celebrating Indigenous lands, culture and heritage. 

Peninsula Hot Springs has also invited Everywhen to showcase a selection of Indigenous works by artists that they represent in the foyer of the Spa Dreaming Centre as part of the PHS NAIDOC Week program.

“We’ve presented a show for NAIDOC Week once before with the Hot Springs, and we’re thrilled that they’ve asked us to collaborate again,’ says Susan. “It’s both creative and rewarding for local businesses to work together like this and an exciting opportunity to show Aboriginal art in a completely different venue.”

Heal Country! A celebration of NAIDOC Week will be held at Everywhen Artspace and Peninsula Hot Springs (Spa Dreaming Centre foyer) from July 4-11.

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