Comedy and Connection Workshops at The FAC

What if the links of that chain were smiles and the fools were happy to be fools? Being silly, laughing and sharing mirth with others is one of the purest forms of pleasure. This is a scientific fact! Laughter triggers the release of ‘happy chemicals’ that promote a sense of wellbeing. Laughter decreases stress hormones and ramps up immune cells and infection fighting antibodies. It even helps relieve pain. All this can be yours at the Frankston Arts Centre.

Sign up for Comedy and Connection, a series of theatre and movement workshops with a focus on physical comedy that are designed just for seniors. It’s facilitated by clever comedienne and actor, Laura Trenerry (Comedy Up Late, The Traveling Sisters) who has entertained audiences to great acclaim in Australia and across Europe. She generously teaches others the tricks of her trade. Laura will also bring guest artists to the workshops to keep things fresh and interesting.

“My Comedy and Connection classes run as a theatre-style movement and improvisation workshop series. If you are a theatre lover, love to move, be ridiculous or have always had an appreciation for physical comedy, this workshop would be fantastic for you. During the eight weeks we develop as a strong ensemble exploring the world of physical comedy and theatre through exercises and games inspired by the methods of Jacques Le Coq. Participants practice things such as stage presence, comic timing, rhythm, complicité and connection to the audience and will devise their own comic material through improvisation and clowning,” Laura says.

The focus of Comedy and Connection workshops is fun, plain and simple, but the activities also promote physical and emotional wellbeing and provide a chance to get out and connect with others. New friendships could be formed, but at the very least, participants will be joyfully connected.

When participant Jackie took the workshop, that’s just what she said, “This is a delight! I can’t wait to get back here each week to connect and feel the joy. Can’t believe how liberating it is.”

Go play games, do mind and body exercises, be spontaneous, stimulate your creativity and have a go at comedy. You’ll keep your brain fit and flexible which improves cognitive function (and may decrease the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia for those so predisposed). You’ll get the opportunity to think creatively, relax your inhibitions and gain confidence. Participant Brian loved the workshops and said, “It was entertaining to entertain. My mind and body felt more in tune than I normally feel. I am happy to be happy.”

So, if you’d like to spend your Tuesday afternoons clowning around and having a good time, sign up for this workshop series that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and laughter to your heart because laughter is good for the heart too.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Former participant Beverley said, “The happy endorphins are zipping around in my brain – very beneficial for seniors.”

Sessions run on Tuesdays from 12:30pm to 2:30 at Cube 37 in the Frankston Arts Centre. To sweeten the deal, each session is followed by afternoon tea. Believe it or not, the entire 8 weeks only costs $20!

Workshops start on Tuesday, October 4 and run through to Tuesday, December 6. To find out more, go to the Frankston Arts Centre website or call 03 9784 1060.

Peninsula Essence – October 2022