Colours of white

By Cameron McCullough  Photos Yanni

If the true measure of art is its multifaceted nature, then Durham White has nailed the brief.

His artworks can contain 300 to 1000 layers of photographic montage weaving a rich and complex tapestry for the eye.

And the best part of it is that Durham has opened a gallery in Mornington.

“’Colours of White’ will showcase my artwork, the artwork of selected other designers and also an ongoing selection of the gorgeous range of Elfy jewellery,” said Durham.

Durham began his artistic journey in 2007 and now has over 13 years of experience creating his unique pieces.

He had been dabbling in nature – based photography and wondered how he could best present his stock of work in a unique way.


“I began layering photographs I had taken and became obsessed by it,” said Durham.

“I would spend 13 to 16 hours a day sitting at a computer working on them”.

Durham enrolled in a graphic design course to further his skills, but found the experience incomplete.

“They couldn’t teach me my style. It was unique and something I had already formulated,” said Durham. “They could only teach me elements of the program”.

“Sometimes individual pieces take months, even years, to complete. I begin layering and work until I believe the piece is complete.”

Durham describes himself as a journeyman, and has lived and worked in different environments and countries, all of which have influenced his work.

“There is greatness in the city, greatness in the countryside and greatness of the coastal areas of this country,” said Durham.

“All the travel I have done, and the places I have lived, have enabled an exploration of the mind”.

Durham’s first gallery spaces have been in Kyneton where he still maintains a gallery.

“I have had three gallery spaces in Kyneton over the last six and a half years,” said Durham.

His newly opened gallery in Mornington means a lot of travel between the two spaces.

“It is a busy life, for sure,” said Durham.

“Even when I am not working, I am thinking about how to integrate art into everyday life”.

The multi-faceted nature of his collages means that his work, although vibrant, is complex.

“The artworks are not designed for instant gratification. They are designed for a journey of discovery over weeks, months or years,” said Durham.

“You look into the piece and discover something new each time you look, even after owning it for a long time.”

The ‘Colours of White’ gallery in Mornington has around 24 artworks on display at any time, and Durham is looking to introduce other art, including simplified pieces with fewer layers.

“I want my artwork to be as accessible as possible,” said Durham.

“I want people to come in, pause, absorb the artwork, and see where it takes them.

“I’d love for people to challenge themselves on how the works would look in their homes.

“They are organic, colourful, and one or two pieces well placed will bring a space to life”.

The majority of Durham’s works are collages of his own photos, but sometimes he has collaborated with clients to use their pictures.

“I have had clients that have had old paintings that they love, or photos from family or travel, and I can work them into their pieces”.

Durham’s artwork is professionally printed, and he also offers artwork in a range of other mediums: cushions, placemats and coasters.

He is also available for commissions.

Colours of White is located at 4 Ross Street, Mornington
Phone: 0415 903 669

Peninsula Essence – March 2020