Build wealth the smart way

How do you build a strong financial future when you don’t have a million dollars in the bank? It’s a question we get asked a lot. The reality is, many of us have underutilised assets, including property and superannuation. We know how to work with what you do have to make your wealth grow.

This year, SMART Business Solutions celebrate 15 years of guiding the financial affairs of businesses and individuals across the Peninsula and Greater Melbourne.

With more than 25 years’ experience in taxation, accounting and business advisory, Shannon credits the firm’s success in financial planning to their unique ability to leverage this experience to provide strategic, holistic and tax-effective financial advice to grow and protect their clients’ wealth.

Shannon says these are top questions she is asked by clients: “People want to know how they can retire comfortably, how they can pay off their mortgage, get the caravan and financially help their adult children. They want to know how to use their superannuation for property or how they can protect their family and assets using estate planning or insurance.”

Shannon greatly enjoys empowering her clients to enable peace of mind and control of their financial future while satisfying their personal goals. Shannon leads the team of accountants and business advisers, financial planners and mortgage brokers, offering an end-to-end solution for business owners and individuals.

Contact SMART Business Solutions to experience the difference when the precision of accounting and foresight of financial planning collide.

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First published in Peninsula Essence, Peninsula Finance Experts – June 2022