Love your walls

Contemporary Art by Acclaimed Australian Artists

What makes a house a home is the artwork and expression you adorn it with.

Art is a wonderful way to achieve this self-expression and a sensation of homely calm. With the right pieces you can find happiness, fascination, and curiosity each time you pass your walls and mantlepieces!

With the year of 2020 behind us, there has not been a better time than now, to find and adopt new creations into your abode. Nissarana Galleries’ acclaimed Australian Artists have been tirelessly working to bring new contemporary art into the world. These fresh, vivacious, and exciting pieces of genius are now ready and waiting to be embraced into the homes and hearts of new owners.

With paintings full of life and energy, ceramics full of quirk and charm, jewelery that compliments and accentuates, and statues that enchant and allure, Nissarana Galleries has something for everyone.

To love your walls and your home with artwork that speaks more than words is the ideal way to express yourself and re-center yourself simultaneously. Whether you’re returning home from a day’s work or a terrific adventure, the home is where we go to rest and recharge, as well as entertain and nurture those we love. With art that connects you to your inner self and brings beauty to those who gaze upon it, you can create and maintain a haven that feels comfortable, joyful, and homely to yourself and guests.

Priding themselves on working with people to find the perfect piece, the people of Nissarana Galleries are thrilled to bring you their ‘Love Your Walls’ Collection. See works from highly acclaimed artists such as Colin Passmore, Zoe Ellenberg, Yeats Gruin, Maggi Turner, Zetta Kanta, Philipe De Kraan, Graham Jones, Svein Koningen and many more when you visit Nissarana Galleries.

Visit the Gallery in store or view the catalogue online.

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Peninsula Essence – April 2021