Story in every piece

By Melissa Walsh Photos Yanni

Sitting among the treetops in a home that is like a treehouse, Emily Boyd looks out over the rolling hills of Shoreham as she creates her artisan jewellery. The flamboyant artist and jewellery designer simply loves what she does, and is passionate about empowering people to feel self-love by providing them with high quality, artisan jewellery that accentuate the wearer’s natural beauty. 

With a desire to create and an appreciation for hand-crafted objects, Emily loves to make minimalist jewellery inspired by nature and the environment. So it was a natural progression for the nature lover to move down to the peninsula two years ago.

“I just love it down here;  as soon as I discovered this area I felt relaxed, “said Emily from the treehouse home she shares with her musician boyfriend. “I sit at the workbench and look out over that view and feel how grateful I am to be able to create my jewellery in this environment.”

Wherever possible, Emily uses only eco-friendly materials. 

“My jewellery is created from recycled materials and is produced in a sustainable way. This is incredibly important for me as a silversmith as I truly believe that as consumers and makers, we should take every opportunity to be as kind to the earth as possible,” said Emily, whose jewellery is inspired by the ocean and coastal environment, where she spends her days designing and creating jewellery. 

A true passion for jewellery making ensures a high level of craftsmanship and guarantees to bring joy and happiness into the wearer’s life. 

“I love being  creative and get so much happiness from people being able to enjoy the jewellery. Each piece has a story to tell and a life to it, and I make sure I can explain to the purchaser where I got the materials from and how I collected them. I use only recycled silver and try to source as many products from around the peninsula as possible,” said Emily, who wanders around the beach and forest areas to find some unique treasures. “I use shells from our beach, and beach glass as well as beautiful crystals in some of my pieces.”

Everything Emily makes is from the heart and handmade so the wearer is receiving a truly artisan piece.

“I basically started my own design business this time last year and have always been surrounded by art and crafts with my parents being a big influence. They took me to lots of galleries when I was  younger,” she said. “Mum is a teacher and artist and dad works in the public service  but they had a real passion for the arts.”

For Emily who lived in the city for many years, peninsula life has been her saviour, and allowed her to express herself even more through her jewellery.

“It is a place that I feel so relaxed. As soon as I discovered the peninsula through a friend who was house-sitting a couple of years ago, I never wanted to leave. We have everything you could want here and a wonderful artistic community and feel,” said Emily, who sells her jewellery online and through markets and local shops.

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First published in Peninsula Essence – January 2019