Moving in the right direction

A fresh face in the photographic community, Emma Davidson uses an experimental approach, seeking to make a statement by pushing the limits of light and movement beyond the boundaries of traditional photography, as well as using different material to create unique and experimental outcomes in her designs. Peninsula Essence talks to Emma about her love of photography and reaching new limits on this creative platform.

When you look at the diversity and creativity in Emma Davidson’s photography, you would never guess this Mornington Peninsula girl discovered her passion and skill for the art just a few years ago. Already after such a short period of time, the 20 year old is creating a unique blend of photography and graphic design in her images that is rarely seen in today’s mainstream photography. For young Emma, it’s a fairly safe bet that this is just the beginning.

“I’ve always loved creative things and did a lot of scrapbooking as a kid but my interest in photography happened when I was studying graphic design at university and part of the course was photography. As soon as I started learning about cameras and photography I was hooked. I loved that it was more free and creative than the graphic design element I was doing and decided to combine the two to create inspirational images,” said Emma. “My main focus with my earlier photos has been to add movement into the still image by combining different elements.”

The first photo shoot Emma did created photos that were stunning visually with Emma’s trademark use of warm vibrant colors.

“Conceptual design and experimentation are my passion, as is the use of color to create movement in the image and add another layer,” said Emma who experimented with powder for her first photo shoot. “A lot of my images I design in my head and then create the image. I love movement and using different materials and get my inspiration from looking on line at different photos and realising the ones I am drawn to are abstract. That’s when I have the idea to add different materials to my photos.”

With Emma’s first studio photo shoot, the use of powder was an evolving process until she found the correct material.

“I spent a long time sourcing what would work best for the effect I wanted.  First I experimented with chalk and colors but it didn’t work properly. Then I discovered flour was the best, so I got colored powder to add to it for effect. It took about six hours to do the shoot, which needed a lot of cleaning up. It was all about timing so I took about 500 images. The whole focus was to capture the time when the flour was in the air so it was a lot of trial and error but I was thrilled with the end result,” said Emma, who has found inspiration looking at other abstract photographers like Brandon Woelfel. “I saw Brandon’s images on Instagram and loved his use of fairy lights and other materials. While mine are very different, they still follow that abstract feel.”

For Emma, it’s about capturing a moment in time and freezing it to create a powerful image.

“Once you have captured that moment, you have it forever and I love that. I also love being able to utilize two such different skills, photography and graphic design. Graphic design is very rules-based while photography is more creative. The two combined create a wonderful image.”

As a young girl Emma understands social media presence is paramount, and has been active in creating an Instagram and Facebook page with her images, along with a website.

“When you are first getting  your name out there, I think it is important to have a strong social media presence, so my images are online for people to see,” said Emma, who also does freelance photography for family portraits, pregnancy, events and weddings. “I am interested in all kinds of photography from the most abstract creative images to capturing special moments in people’s lives.”

Check out Emma Davidson’s stunning images on Instagram and Facebook– Emma Davidson Photography or the website