Focus on Tyabb

Tyabb is a township in a semi-rural location, 57km from Melbourne. It has an area of 66.5 km2 and is part of the urban enclave on Western Port comprising Tyabb, Hastings, Bittern, Crib Point, and Somerville.


Median house price for Tyabb is $470,000 and median rent is $408 per week. Median unit price is $165,000.

The population of Tyabb in 2016 was estimated at 3,335.

Once, the heart of the apple growing industry, Tyabb is now Victoria’s antique wonderland. Most of the town’s main street is lined with quality antique stores, and just around the corner are some larger antique stores. There is also a quaint craft village that houses even more antiques along with a myriad of arts and crafts.

The Post Office opened on 9 March 1891 shortly after the arrival of the railway in 1889.

The local area was well known as a fruit growing area in the early twentieth century and was identified by the “TYCOS” brand, which was the name used by the local growers co-operative.

Tyabb is a small township with four primary schools and one secondary school, a Country Fire Authority station, bakery, antique store, motel, cafe and unmanned railway station. There are a number of businesses in the town including fruit processing, cabinet makers, arborists, motel, cafes, pharmacy, equine outfitters and engineering workshops.

Tyabb is well known for its many antique shops. The largest, the Tyabb Packing House Antique complex is housed in an historic cool store building dating from the area’s fruit growing past. The Tyabb Packing House Antique complex reputedly has one of the largest retail antique collections under one roof in the southern hemisphere. There are several other antique shops in the Tyabb township.

Tyabb also has Tyabb Airport, a private airfield which has been operating for more than thirty years. The airfield hosted an internationally recognised Air Show for several years. The airfield provides access to the area for emergency services. It is also an important part of the town’s economy. Tyabb Airport has plans to develop and expand its runways and helipads.

In the last decade there has been rapid residential development in the town, changing its rural character. Tyabb has its own cricket and football teams known as the Yabbies competing in the Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League. There is also a baseball team, the Bulldogs, that plays at the central ground.

Tyabb is one of the few towns in Australia that does not have a pub. Although the town is over 100 years old it has never had a pub, however two liquor vendors are operating in the town.

Tyabb has given its name to the Tyabb Fault, an ancient geological formation extending from Tyabb across the Peninsula to Mornington, and Tyabb Loam, the characteristic soil of the district. The Tyabb Fault produces many small earthquakes throughout the year.

It is thought that the name ‘Tyabb’ was derived from an Aboriginal word describing waterholes or a mud hole.

In 1861 a Tyabb township was proclaimed immediately north of present day Hastings, later known as Old Tyabb Township.

The Tyabb area was in the Bunguyan pastoral run which was taken up by Martha King in 1845. The Bunguyan Reserve, north of the town’s centre, commemorates the site of her homestead.

A public hall was built in 1899 and a progress association was formed in 1902. It succeeded in laying out a recreation reserve in 1904, and a racecourse north of the old Bunguyan homestead was regularly used during the 1900s.

In 1907 the Tyabb Railway Station school was opened, co-existing with the older school at Jones Road.


Fresh brewed coffee is a must have for weekends away and Tyabb coffee is second to none with great coffee haunts around the town. Here are a few to check out when head down to this beautiful end of the world.

1552 Frankston – Flinders Road

Great décor, delicious food and amazing coffee in a home styled café.

14 Mornington-Tyabb Road

In the centre of the Tyabb Packing House this café has some of the best food and coffee in town with an all-day breakfast menu and great light treats.

16 Mornington-Tyabb Road

Enjoy a coffee or a meal with friends in a café like this where kids can play happily.

1556 Frankston – Flinders Road

For a quick tasty takeaway coffee, check out the local Tyabb Takeaway and perhaps pick up a tasty cake or slice.


Whether it’s visiting the many antiques and collectibles stores in the heart of Tyabb, strolling down the main shopping strip which retains its old world charm, or checking out the fabulous Tyabb Airfield and all its vintage planes, there is always something to do in this charming town where you feel like you have stepped back in time.