Rate your hearing at Nepean Hearing

Four million Australians have hearing loss. Nepean Hearing is offering free hearing tests and rating your hearing for your age (for the over 40’s).

The number of Australians who are hearing impaired is increasing because of the ageing population – we are living longer excessive noise – in the workplace and high levels of music.

Hearing loss is often described as the ‘invisible disability. People often wait for 5-10 years before they seek help. Hearing loss may also be a contributing factor in the speed of onset of dementia. The degree of loss is also correlated to the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It is important to know about your hearing.

Many people ignore the signs of hearing loss, which include; turning the TV or stereo up so loud that others complain, frequently needing to ask others to repeat themselves, and not being able to hear properly on the telephone. Constant ringing is also another warning sign of hearing loss.

As technology advances, many people with hearing loss benefit from hearing aids. These innovations have made a positive difference in the way they can communicate and enjoy their lives.

Take advantage of the free hearing test offered by Nepean Hearing to ensure your hearing is at its optimum.

Nepean Hearing is an independently owned clinic and the audiologists are University of Melbourne trained.

Main office: 13 Hastings Road, Frankston
(across the road from Frankston Hospital)
P: 9783 7520

171 Camms Road, Cranbourne
P: 5966 1117

Hastings Community Health
185 High Street Hastings
P: 97837520

Peninsula Essence, Peninsula Seniors Feature – May 2021