It works like magic

“EVERY time I put my foot in the lift, I am so thankful”, says Romina who installed a RESiLIFT two years ago.

Romina and Les have lived in the Mornington Peninsula for over 30 years. Les, a builder by trade, built a beautiful double-storey Georgian Style house at the front of their property. Little did they realise what a problem stairs would be.

Romina developed Neuropathy, a condition where she has numbness in her feet. The stairs in their home were now an ‘accident waiting to happen’. They were concerned for their safety; the thought of moving was heartbreaking for them.

In their conundrum, Romina received a text from a friend. It was a photo of a lady in a RESiLIFT. From that moment, Romina realised they did have an alternative to moving home! This newfound insight gave them sheer joy. Within weeks they installed a RESiLIFT. “It works like magic!” says Romina, “The whole house is under my feet!” They can travel freely between the two floors of their home.

For Romina, installing a home lift was a game changer. Not only could they stay in the home they love, but they also knew their home was now safe. Despite still being in a two-storey home, their new day-to-day experience is like living in a single-level home.

“What the lift has meant for us is more than just a lift! It’s removed the stress and worry about the danger of the stairs and the urgency of downsizing to a single-level home with the one simple decision, to install a RESiLIFT. We are thrilled that we can now stay in our home forever, it’s magic!” says Romina.

Peninsula Essence, Peninsula Seniors Feature – May 2022