Clear ears

Blocked ears can be frustrating and painful. Our team of qualified nurses at Clear Ears Frankston use effective microsuction technology to clear wax and debris from your ear canals.

This microsuction technique is the same ear cleaning method used by ENT specialists, GPs and Audiologists. It’s safe, gentle and dry.

Not enough earwax can lead to itchy ears. Too much can build up and cause blockage leading to problems with hearing, tinnitus, dizziness and earache. This is more common in people who wear hearing aids or use earbuds or ear plugs regularly. About 20% of the population simply produce too much earwax.

It’s tempting to use a cotton bud, paper clip or hair pin to try and remove wax from your ears, but please STOP!

 Why? The problem is when you use cotton buds or other things to try and remove wax it disrupts the natural cleaning mechanism of the ear. Often you will end up pushing your earwax deeper in towards the more sensitive structures and create a bigger problem. You also run the risk of damaging the ear canal or eardrum which can lead to pain, infection and sometimes loss of hearing.

This is when Clear Ears can help.

Our team at Clear Ears are all qualified nurses who have been trained in the use of microsuction and curettage techniques to clean your ears gently and safely.

Your treating nurse will discuss and assess your ear health, clean your ears and provide education on looking after your ears and managing your ear wax.

The procedure is conducted in line with all relevant Australian Standards and with the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Go to website or call for more information or to book an appointment, no referral is required.

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