Pitmaster Masterclass – The Bird

Thursday August 15th 2019

Learn the art of low and slow cooking with Pitmaster Martin Goffin of Red Gum BBQ. This BBQ Pitmaster Class is for a small group of aspiring Pitmasters or those simply wanting to take their BBQ to the next level.  He’ll be passing along the many secrets of the trade it has taken him years to learn.

This class features the BIRD – including whole chicken, wings and fried, amongst others. Over 2 hours you’ll learn from Bird to Plate – the basics of the cuts, learn the language of the butcher – even if he or she doesn’t know American-style, the various ways to trim based on different outcomes, rubs – the ins and outs, sauces and the rest. We’ll chat about smokers, wood, temperatures and times and learn what you can do to make truly authentic Southern-style BBQ with whatever you’ve got.

Red Gum BBQ, 87 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill


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